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Hire Professional, Luxury House Sitting and Pet Sitting Services in Vamo

Are you looking for a professional home sitter to take care of your home while you are away? You have come to the right place, the staff at Lucky’s Concierge Connection are well versed in taking good care of your precious home when you are out of town. You can opt for our wide range of cat sitting, dog sitting, pet sitting and Short Term & Long-Term House Watch services. We also offer plenty of customized services based on your requirements. If you have a pet at home, our staff will ensure that it is taken care of until you are back in town.

Relax with the Premier Service of Vacation Home Watch Services

Life has a habit of throwing a curveball every once in a while; this might even require you to go for a short or long term trip and locking up your home during that while. This might lead to the accumulation of mold, pests, burglary attempts and so on. Hiring reliable Home Watch Services is the best way to make sure that your home remains in top notch condition while you are away.

Specialized Services Especially Designed for You!

Although each homeowner can prepare their customized checklist, here are a few popular services that are typically included in the Absentee and Vacant Home Watch services by Lucky’s Concierge Connection in Vamo, Sarasota:

- Checking for any vandalism.
- Checking outdoor faucets for drips or leaks.
- Making sure all doors and windows are secure.
- Bringing the mail and flyers.
- Ensuring the pool, lawn, are serviced regularly.
- Running the faucets and flushing toilets.
- Running the garbage disposal.
- Inspecting the structure for any mildew, mold and water leaks.
- Checking the freezer and refrigerator.
- Checking for pests.
- Fertilizing and watering houseplants.
- Replacing light bulbs if required.

Find the Perfect Loving Pet Sitters Near You in Vamo, FL for Your Furry Friends

We also ensure that your home appears occupied by conducting tests at random times for the day on different days of the week. This discourages burglars from attempting to burgle your house. Lucky’s Concierge Connection also offers Pet Sitting Services like Dog Sitting, In Home Cat Sitting, Dog Walking and Daily Pet Care Services which can be very useful if you were not able to take your pets along on your trip. No need to go looking for the best Cat and Dog Sitter Near Me or Pet and House Sitter Near Me in Vamo when we are ready to offer you services at affordable rates. The staffs are trained to look after your pets with love and make sure that they are well taken care of while you are out of town. Contact us now for further information and get a clear insight into our comprehensive range of services.