Are you a homeowner who is wondering whether to go on a trip, leaving home all alone? You might be thinking about its security? Well, your search ends here. We, at Lucky Concierge Connection, offer you affordable absentee and vacant home watch services in Nokomis, that will be inspected by our highly experienced team. We look after your house carefully 24/7 and take care of every household issue while you are away. You can avail the short term or long term package of house watch service depending on the time span of your trip.

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Snowbird home watch services offered by Lucky's Concierge Connection include every household inspection and maintenance service. You can hire our service whenever you feel and give your home’s safety to our hands. We provide a comprehensive range of well-defined residential home watch services that will free your mind of any worries related to your house while you are away from your house.

Home Watching
Project Oversight

Professional Home Watch Company for Seasonal Residents & Owners of Second Homes

Professional Home Watch Company for Seasonal Residents & Owners of Second Homes Our company provides our services to the people who are out of the city and come only to spend a vacation. Seasonal residents and owners of second homes are watched by our staff to ensure their safety and keep them secure from break-ins. Lucky's Concierge Connection provides a complete facility to the people of Nokomis, FL. All you need to do is hire our staff for the service you’re looking for and see how we inspect your house when you’re away.

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Relax and enjoy your vacation with the comfort of knowing that your house will be well looked after by the staff of the trusted company - Lucky Concierge Connection, Nokomis. Hire one of the best home watch companies near your area in Nokomis Florida, and you don't have to worry about your house as we are going to be here when you are unable to. Talk to our staff to get the required help!

Home Watching

Exterior Check Includes:

  • News Paper, Flyers and Package Removal
  • Vandalism & forced entry
  • Damage from tree limbs & branches
  • Gutters & downspouts for proper drainage
  • Lawn maintenance issues, (sprinklers) etc.
  • Inspect for rodent and/or pest infestation
  • Pool & cover inspection
  • Water plants and shrubs
  • and much much more

Interior Check Includes:

  • Open and close various window treatments
  • Turn on plumbing and fixtures to ensure all seals and gaskets are properly lubricated
  • Asure appliances are all in proper working order
  • Check HVAC systems are working properly
  • Water all interior plants and flowers
  • Check for water leaks (Inside and Out)
  • Check for signs of bugs, pests, or rodents
  • Check all windows and doors
  • and much much more