We are among the leading providers of absentee and vacation home watch services in Longboat Key, Florida. Our company looks after your home in your absence. If you are searching for a local home watch company near me, then Lucky's Concierge Connection will be the best place where you can get home-maintained and look-after when you are on a vacation. Our experienced professionals conduct a regular check of your electrical appliances, perform regular inspections of your property from the pest infestation and assess your property to see if any repairs are needed.

Keep Your Home in Pristine Condition by Using Our Residential Home Watch Services

You need to leave your home for a week to attend an important business conference. And, to avoid pest infestation, leaky faucets to the malfunction of electrical appliances, or any problem, you are looking for someone who can watch your home in your absence. In such a situation, you require someone or a company who will not only look after your home, but also maintain it in top condition. Is it possible? Yes. Get in touch with Lucky's Concierge Connection and hire our absentee home watch expert. Our company provides a careful and secure house watching service when you are in urgent need of it.

Home Watching
Project Oversight

Find the Most Renowned Property & Snowbird Home Watch Services for Absentee Homeowners & Vacationing Residents

When you are going out for a month, or you are a seasonal person who comes home in 6 months or more. We offer a trustworthy snowbird home watch and property watch services in Longboat Key, FL. We know how a home can be treated when no one is there to take care of it. Our experts maintain and also keep 24/7 eyes to ensure the safety of your home from break-ins and thefts. Our best possible service provides the ultimate care to your home and assures you that we are here for you now and always.

Call Us to Get Affordable Short-Term & Long-Term House Watch Services Near Your Area

We at Lucky's Concierge Connection offer quality and affordable residential house watch services for the short-term and long-term. Whether you want our service for a day or for more than a month, we provide our service as per your convenience, which includes a thorough interior and exterior checking and inspection. You can reach us by giving us a call and talking to our staff about the service you need. Book our service to get the best care of your house when you are out.

Home Watching

Exterior Check Includes:

  • News Paper, Flyers and Package Removal
  • Vandalism & forced entry
  • Damage from tree limbs & branches
  • Gutters & downspouts for proper drainage
  • Lawn maintenance issues, (sprinklers) etc.
  • Inspect for rodent and/or pest infestation
  • Pool & cover inspection
  • Water plants and shrubs
  • and much much more

Interior Check Includes:

  • Open and close various window treatments
  • Turn on plumbing and fixtures to ensure all seals and gaskets are properly lubricated
  • Asure appliances are all in proper working order
  • Check HVAC systems are working properly
  • Water all interior plants and flowers
  • Check for water leaks (Inside and Out)
  • Check for signs of bugs, pests, or rodents
  • Check all windows and doors
  • and much much more