Frequently Asked Questions

Home Check

How often should my house be checked when away?

Once a week or every 10 days is a good schedule , this optimizes the chances of catching anything that can go wrong.

Why is necessary to have my home checked when away?

In a perfect world nothing will go wrong, but point of fact is that there is a number of things to consider .

  • 1. Drain traps can dry out leaving a direct line to the sewer for bugs and gas, we fill them each time we visit.
  • 2. Secure your home, We check all doors and windows to confirm all is well.
  • 3. Turning your water off is a good idea, But your water heater contains 30 to 50 gallons of water that can cause quite a mess if left unchecked, and a leak in the roof can lead to extensive damage over time.
  • 4. Temperature, Most people leave their AC running to maintain proper control, it is evident from the second we walk in your home if it is not operating properly.
  • 5. Pest, we keep watch for any signs of intruders from mice that seek warmth in winter to worms seeking higher ground in the rainy season.

What if something needs to be done when we are away?

If a problem occurs or a delivery needs to be made we will coordinate with the contractor or delivery company of your choice to get the job done and never leave them alone in your house.

Pet Care

To take care of a pet do you stop in and check or stay at the house?

We love animals and take great care with your loved ones, we can do it either way but prefer to stay in the home giving them as much love and attention as possible.

If our pet gets sick what happens?

We have all the information for your vet before you leave and will take them and do what is necessary to insure there health.

Do you just watch dogs?

We love all animals and have taken care of Dogs, Cats, Birds, Bunnies, Turtles, Lizards, Snakes, and Raccoons.


How far do you transport?

I have been across 4 states for transportation.

Do you do trips to the doctors?

Yes will do doctors visits, trips to the grocery store and will stay with you to bring you home.