Home Watch Services Desoto Lakes

Are your bags all set and are you ready to set off for your holiday? Yet feeling anxious over leaving your house unwatched while you are away? Well, set your fears aside! Lucky's Concierge Connection offers you the chance to enjoy your holidays while your home is in safe hands. We offer many services that include keeping a watch on your home, keeping it safe from burglars, squatters and so on.

Professional House Sitting & Pet Sitting Services in Desoto Lakes

Many people tend to ask their neighbors or friends to look in on their homes when they are going away for a while. However, it is a better idea to leave your home in the hands of professionals that offer Home Watch Services in the long run. The team at Lucky's Concierge Connection is devoted to keeping your home in top-notch condition till you return. You can also give a customized list of tasks that need to be carried out. These tasks can include anything from making sure your plants are watered, taking in the mail, feeding pets and so on.

Why Should You Hire Lucky's Home Watch & Pet Sitting Services?

Hiring a well-established local Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Pet Sitting, and House Sitting services firm is a great way to enjoy your holiday without worry. Lucky's Concierge Connection is one of the most trusted home sitting services in Desoto Lakes, Florida. We offer different packages that include Short Term and Long-Term House Watch services. If you have pets at home and are not planning on taking them along with you on your trip, we offer professional Pet Sitting Services and you can be sure that they are fed and well looked after till you are back. The experienced staff at Lucky's Concierge Connection will make sure that your pets will not miss you when you are away from home.

Lucky's Pet Sitting & Home Watch Services is Your Peace of Mind

Houses that are closed down for more than a couple of days are vulnerable to many problems like mildew, mold, pests, leaks, squatters, burglars and other disasters. Hiring professional services of a renowned Vacation Home Watch Services is a great way to make sure that your home remains safe until you are back. In case of an emergency, the team at Lucky's Concierge Connection will take plenty of photographs and send them to you and wait for further instructions.

Desoto Lakes Home Watch & Pet Sitting Services - When You Aren’t Home, We Will Be

The Vacant and Absentee Home Watch services of Lucky's Concierge Connection are also used by people who shift to other cities for their jobs or other reasons. This way their homes are well looked after till they are back in town. Contact online now to find out more about securing the services of Lucky's Concierge Connection.