The holiday season is knocking on the door, and you must be planning for a vacation. Leaving home alone without any security might be stopping you from planning for a vacation. To give relief from such worries, we are here to provide you with the highest level of security when you’re away from your home. We will take care of the house by checking electronics are in proper condition, cleaning pests, and molds, signs of vandalism, etc. Lucky's Concierge Connection is a licensed vacation and absentee home watch company, which always comes to the rescue of the homeowners in Bird Key, Florida.

Enjoy Your Holidays without Worrying About Your Home’s Safety

Lucky's Concierge Connection is one of the most trusted vacant home watch service providers in Bird Key, FL. We work delicately so that you can enjoy your holiday without getting worried about any break-ins or house maintenance issues. At Lucky's Concierge Connection, we have a team of local Florida experts who are adequately trained and vastly experienced to provide the best service which makes our customers believe in us for their home’s security.

Home Watching
Project Oversight

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Lucky's Concierge Connection is the leading provider of absentee and vacant home watch services in Bird Key. Our dedication and efforts have proved our work to be the best and have always been chosen by the people of Sarasota and surrounding areas. To get a clear idea about the service, you can go through our website and request a free assessment. We are the well-trained house watchers of Bird Key. If you’re looking for such quality services, you can rely on us and get your home inspected carefully while you’re away.

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With over 30 years of experience in this field, we are one of the most trusted companies among the people of Bird Key, FL. Lucky's Concierge Connection offers premier quality property watch service and guarantees to provide excellent service to our customers. Hence, you can choose us and get your home secured by our leading team of experienced home watchers. Wash away your worries by trusting us and giving us a chance to provide you with the best possible service. Contact us now to request a free estimate and know more about our residential home watch service in the region.

Home Watching

Exterior Check Includes:

  • News Paper, Flyers and Package Removal
  • Vandalism & forced entry
  • Damage from tree limbs & branches
  • Gutters & downspouts for proper drainage
  • Lawn maintenance issues, (sprinklers) etc.
  • Inspect for rodent and/or pest infestation
  • Pool & cover inspection
  • Water plants and shrubs
  • and much much more

Interior Check Includes:

  • Open and close various window treatments
  • Turn on plumbing and fixtures to ensure all seals and gaskets are properly lubricated
  • Asure appliances are all in proper working order
  • Check HVAC systems are working properly
  • Water all interior plants and flowers
  • Check for water leaks (Inside and Out)
  • Check for signs of bugs, pests, or rodents
  • Check all windows and doors
  • and much much more