Peace of Mind When Traveling...
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Professional Home Watch & Pet Sitting Services in Sarasota

Project Oversight

We are dedicated to making sure any work being done in your home is being done well, on time, and as you expected. We check on progress and workmanship...

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Transportation Services

Need a ride to the store, doctor's office, airport, the beach? We've got you covered. Or you may just not want to fight with parking or pay to park your car for...

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Personal Shopper

Let's face it - shopping can be a chore especially when you'd rather be doing anything else. Or maybe you are recuperating from an illness or surgery...

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Pet Sitting Services

We give you the ultimate peace-of-mind when we care for your pets while you're away. You (and your pets!) can truly relax knowing they are happy, fed, and feeling...

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Personal Assistant

Do you ever feel like you wish you could clone yourself so you could get more done? Or would you rather someone else take care of your to-do list for you?...

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Home Watching

With Lucky's home watching service, you can leave home for any length of time and have the peace-of-mind you deserve knowing your home is being professionally...

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Personal Concierge Services

Like having your own, personal concierge at a hotel, Lucky's personal concierge services help you make the most out of life in Southwest Florida. Whether you are here seasonally or all-year-round, you may need an extra pair of hands every now and then, a lift to the airport, or just someone to run errands for you, our personal concierge services is the answer to an easy life.

The concierge service has come a long way in the last 30 years. It used to be that the only place one would encounter a "concierge" was when staying at a fine hotel. This is the person who you could count on take care of your every need and answer all your questions. Now, "concierge services" have extended to the workplace and home life as a way to manage your busy lifestyle. Taking care of you and your family is what a personal concierge does!

Taking Care of You

We are dedicated to giving our CLIENTS the ultimate level of customer service.

Lucky's Concierge Connection is your answer to living life to the fullest here in beautiful sunny southwest Florida. Whether it's professionally checking on your home in your absence, lovingly watching your pets, taking you to the airport or doctor's office, someone to travel with a loved one who may need extra assistance, or helping you with everyday tasks you just can't get to, we're your partners for an easier life.

Lucky's Concierge Connection is an insured, bonded, licensed and local company, offering peace of mind to residential and second homeowners who spend extended periods of time away from their Sarasota, Florida home and condominiums.